Mar 20, 2009

Tweet Tweet

There's a glorious Twitterfest going on at the Not-for-Print-Narratives session.

This is how reactions to one question/response unfolded in real time:

liesellSewall Chan #NNC - who do you (O'Leary, Hernandez) think of as your competition for audience? O'Leary - everything on the web

liesellHernandez #NNC - our biggest competition is LOLCATS

Rueby#NNC @amyoleary says that the NYT competition is everything out there on the web, including porn.

NiemanLab Multimedia journalists should consider their competition to be LOLcats and Cake Wrecks, says @koci #NNC

It's just a small sample. But neat, huh?

Panel discussions are funny things--unwieldy to describe even in blog posts--and Twitter's just much more limber.


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