Mar 21, 2009

Q&A with Melissa Tavaras

Callie Crossley and I sat down with conference attendee Melissa Tavaras. Melissa works in Miami at NBC Telemundo as an assignment desk editor and field producer. She is also a writer for the South Florida New Service and a student at Florida International University.

Working in both print and television, she is becoming adept at multi-platforming

“Unfortunately, since people are downsizing there is room for people like me,” said Melissa, who focuses on international affairs and politics. “I am building work that I want to do. I consider the work that I do now, as really my work.”

Ernie: How are you enjoying the conference?
Melissa: It is fantastic. I have met so many people. I’ve learned things about honing my skills. Not only writing, but visual as well.

Ernie: Why did you come?
Melissa: I am a young journalist and I want to meet as many people as possible. It is a networking tool.

Ernie: What have you enjoyed the most?
Melissa: The one on documentaries was good, because I am a producer. Visually, I relate to it.

Ernie: Do you want to do documentaries?
Melissa: I would like to, I have an idea.

Ernie: What is it about?
Melissa: I am not telling you!

Ernie: What are you going to implement immediately when you get back to work?
Melissa: When I speak to people I tend to focus so much on them that I leave out details, like background and smells. So I am going to start implementing all of my senses. I am going to start doing that immediately.

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